Jane Chambers is a communications expert who has worked as a senior broadcast journalist and producer at the BBC for the last 20 years.
She also works as a coach and has trained many important highflying business executives in a variety of industries.

She is skilled at unlocking every client’s potential so they are more confident and successful when they communicate their ideas. Jane is married to a Chilean and understands what it is like to communicate ideas in a second language.

She specialises in helping clients to feel comfortable using English for presentations, meetings and for socialising with clients. This is done through leading and facilitating highly interactive fun and creative coaching sessions and workshops. When clients are having fun they lose their fear and realise they can communicate with confidence.

journalist and producer at the BBC for the last 20 years.

Poppy O'Shaughnessy has worked for over 15 years in the education sector, and she has taught English to CEOs, government officials and not for profit organisations all over the world.
Poppy has led English language seminars for professionals in many countries including Japan and South Africa.
With her extensive experience in theatre and language education, Poppy is committed to helping her clients find the tools they need to achieve confidence and fluency in English.
Poppy delivers high impact and fun English language workshops.