Difficult Conversations

The language of leadership

Organisations are increasingly valuing employees who exhibit “resilience” through strong self-awareness and good communications skills. This course will help you build that self-awareness and give you techniques for communicating when the situation gets stressful.


Let’s Talk About It!

One of the key skills for being successful in the workplace is to control your emotions when the situation gets stressful. This course looks at what happens when the brain moves into “threat” mode and gives life-long strategies on how to remain calm and deal with “difficult people”.

What you will be able to do after this course.

· Understand basic personality preferences and their impact on what drives human beings.
· Recognise your own barriers and what prevents you from dealing with difficult people and difficult situations.
· “Flex” your style depending on the situation and person.
· Prepare and instigate a difficult conversation.
· Understand non-verbal communication and how to use it.
· Have a range of tools to deal with individuals or situations

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