Interview Skills Training

Being good on paper isn’t enough

When your future employer looks at the pile of application forms, you might be top of the list because of your amazing qualifications. But, how you come across in that all important interview will make or break your chances. Learn what it takes to persuade people you are the winning candidate.


The Winning Candidate!

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression”
You might be a straight A student or the most highly qualified person in your work place. But, having the right qualifications is not enough.
At some stage in your career you will need to do an interview. That might be to get into the best University or to get your dream job.
We run fun and interactive workshops and one to one coaching sessions which give you the tools and techniques you need to make the right impression. We will help you to prepare for that all important interview.
You will also have the opportunity to practise for your interview and get some valuable feedback from the trainer and other delegates about your performance.

What you’ll be able to do after this course:

· Understand what people are looking for in an interview.
· Communicate in English without fear if it is your second language.
· Be able to handle unexpected or difficult questions
· Know how to make a good first impression
· Have effective strategies for dealing with nerves.
· Get feedback from the trainer and delegates about your performance in an interview.

If you, your team or your organisation might benefit from Interview Skills Training – contact us here to explore dates and prices.